GAME 750

Our game €750 is based on chasing model. The game is chasing two times of the correct score results 1:0,0:1 for game €450 and 1:1 for game €300 . In this game you have to follow the multiple combinations between all the matches which is on the particular game.. 
 For example if you have 3 matches in game €300,

-as first  match you have :
1.Real Madrid - Barcelona, 
2nd March 2.Juventus - Lazio 
3rd match 3. Chelsea - Man. United 
You have to play 1:1 each match to finish,which means you have to make combination between 1st match and 2nd match 1:1 
Real Madrid 1:1 Barcelona to finish 1:1 multiple to 2nd match Juventus 1:1 Lazio to finish 1:1 X 1:1 (ODDS 7X7= 49 ODD) 
Next combination is 1-st match with 3 th. match in this case is:
Real Madrid 1:1 Barcelona multiple to Chelsea 1:1 Man United,
and for the third multiples you have:
Juventus 1:1 Lazio x Chelsea 1:1 Man United – that’s 2nd and 3 th match
1:1 X 1:1 (ODDS 7X7= 49 ODD)  with €10.21 each multiple combination 1x2/1x3/2x3. If you have any questions do not hassle to contact our team-will be happy to helps you..!

 For game €450 is it the same combinations just the correct scores in here are 1:0 or 0:1 -it will be shown on the specific match. 

For example if the 1st March is Roma 1:0 Milan, and for the second one - Arsenal 1:0 Liverpool and third one is Bayern Munich 0:1 Hertha Berlin it has to be played multiple combination first with second one /Roma 1:0 Milan x Arsenal 1:0 Liverpool - 1:0 x 1:0 (odds 9x9=81)/ first with third one(1x3 match)/ Roma 1:0 Milan x Bayern Munich 0:1 Hertha Berlin / 1:0 x 0:1 (odds 9x10=90) and 2nd match with 3-th one 1 match x 3 match  /Arsenal 1:0 Liverpool x Bayern Munich 0:1 Hertha Berlin/ (odds 9x10=90) in here let's say you have €5.6 on “Money To BET” ,that means you have to put on each of this combination,that means you have to put €5.6 on each of this combination-1x2/1x3/2x3. 
 After your making all the multiple bets on to your account,simply click “Confirm BET” button to can add this investment in to your history.

 The combination for 4 matches is:1x2/1x3/1x4/2x3/2x4/3x4/- 6 combination all together. 
If it's 5 matches, is coming:1x2/1x3/1x4/1x5/2x3/2x4/2x5/3x4/3x5/4x5 10 combination all together. 
For 6 matches like this: 1x2/1x3/1x4/1x5/1X6/2x3/2x4/2x5/2X6/3x4/3x5/3X6/4x5/4X6/5X6  - 15 combination all together. In all this combinations play with the amount shown in the your account..This amount is based on that what game you are been chosen to play..!

All this combinations are made by few reasons: - making time of the winning very short/ prevents to losing the bank/making bed smaller and easy to be in control using this 2 parallel games €300+€450=€750 in total...

We are wishing you lots of good luck and full of enjoyments with 
                                                                                                                                            From the team